The successes and failures of two wannabes, homesteading in the UK..



Photo of Mrs Homestead and their youngest child

We are an average family (of five), living in an average village, in an average house, on an average street. However, that's all about to change..

A couple of months ago, we sold our house and are now in the process of buying a 400 year old cottage, in the middle of nowhere - and I have high hopes, that this will be the start of a more healthy, balanced and sustainable life for our family.

See the thing is, our move doesn't just mean we will have a little bit of land to work with, it also means that we will have a little bit more time to invest in our homestead journey. By moving to a different area and taking on a slightly smaller property, we are freeing up some funds to invest in a buy-to-let. This is helping to enable one of us to quit their day job, which in turn, will mean less need for the expensive convenience goods we rely on today to cope with our chaotic life.

I am enormously excited about this move. I'm a very independent person and I hate asking for help. It really bothers me that our family's survival is dependent on so many other people, firms and even different countries. The thought of one day being able to provide most of the basic necessities and comforts for our family, by ourselves, on our own terms, motivates me immensely to learn and try new things.

I also absolutely love animals. I love being around them, caring for them, watching them, and unfortunately - eating them. I wish I didn't but there it is. Ultimately, I'm a meat eater and whilst I have tried to cut down my meat consumption, I just can't seem to do without it.

I started my first vegetable garden the year before Covid rocked up, and my mini-secret stash a year or so earlier. I'm definitely the primary homesteading / self-sufficient nut in the family, however, Mr Homestead-Wannabe is slowly getting more and more into it and in 2021, I managed to convince him to get our first ever egg-laying chickens. I even caught him researching meat chickens and aquaponics the other day - my madness is finally rubbing off on him. Now I just need to work on the children..

~Mrs Homestead-Wannabe

"If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing poorly first."

The Grandfather of Homesteading: Joel Salatin


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